Business cards-(the classic networking tool)

Business Card Printing Dubai
Business Card Printing Dubai

Retro Business card circa 1890s

Why this ‘ancient’ networking tool is still around and just as important today

In our digital world today, we come across more and more content that is being generated on a daily basis exponentially.  Very little of this content finds it’s way to a hardcopy ‘print’ since the bulk of the content is for screens and computer files, rather than for print media.  While this is good in several ways, it also changes the way we are building relationships in business.

Most people today are satisfied with a quick exchange of website addresses and mobile phone numbers as it is quick, easy and convenient.  This is not without drawbacks.  An important contact can easily get ignored even if you had saved it  as a contact into your phone address book.  A website can easily be forgotten and several attempts of ‘remembering’  it and launching a search on google may end in vain.

Enter the ‘old school’ but really effective tool- printed business card.  Though small, the fiesty business card is one of those things that cannot be replaced with digital.  Not yet.

Business cards can still claim pole position as the best tool to introduce yourself while networking.

Business cards are inexpensive to produce and you do not have to worry about distributing them a lot, since just one new client will pay for more than the costs.  A business card is the fastest way of making a lasting impression the first time you meet somebody.  In many cases, if your card is creative and different, it may even be the start of a new conversation as soon as you hand them out.

Business Card Printing Dubai

Let me list here five reasons why business cards deserves to be in your marketing arsenal

Branding tool-A business card helps you to make a memorable impression on a prospect in addition to passing your just your contact details.  The fonts, logo, tagline elements that go into the design of your card conveys the story of your brand in just a few seconds.  A well crafted and creative business card will continue to work for you even after the first meeting and also be shared with others.  Gold!

Personal touch-Exchanging mobile numbers and website details over the phone may be convenient and easy but it is impersonal.  However, it can never be as effective as solid eye contact, a friendly handshake and a sincere real face to face conversation.  The best relationships typically start in this fashion.

Build Trust-A good clean well designed business card immediately conveys a measure of legitimacy and professionalism.  It is instrumental in building trust early in the relationship which can then be nurtured for mutual benefit.

Quick n Easy-A business card is small and handy and can be quickly drawn out and given to the person you are meeting rather easily.  No need for the client to dig out his smartphone and try to save your name and number.  He can always do that later at his convenience.  Instead, valuable moments are spent talking about real business, agreeing on a next step or even closing on a deal.

Preparedness-A business card announces that you are ready for business.  You don’t want to be without a business card in the middle of a conversation with an important prospect when they ask you for your card.  It just shows that you are prepared to make connections and do business.

There may be more advantages of using a business card, but for me these five are enough.  How about you?

Business Card Printing Dubai

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