How to make content marketing work

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How to make Content Marketing work for you.

In a previous post we looked at how Content Marketing can be an important part of your long term strategy.   Here we will see how to go about developing a Content Marketing strategy.

A common misconception is that content marketing is exclusively digital, with social media, blogs and websites, when actually it is much more than just that.

All media that is produced and consumed in various formats viz., text, audio, video, images, in digital or print can be part of a content marketing strategy.

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Whatever the media or the strategy, the main rule is that the content should be created with the target audience in mind.  The target audience is the starting point of any content marketing campaign.

Your target audience

  • Why your business exists?
  • Who are you trying to service?
  • Defining your target audience in great detail and specificity only, will help you to attract them.
  • What are the problems they have that your business can solve?
  • What services do they need and why?
  • Why should they you choose over your competition?
  • And most critical, what makes your business the ONLY choice they have?

The answers to the questions above will not only create a clear idea for your content but more importantly, will give you a foundation for creating and perfecting the products or services that your business should focus on.

Content should always be valuable and actionable for your audience.  It usually comes free, though in some instances it could command a price and is a product by itself.  The content you create should add value to your product or service.

Write out your content strategydigital printing uae

This is the biggest test for any business.  You can write down a plan only if you have understood it completely.  Without a written plan, you do not have one. Simple as that.  Write down your strategic plan for a successful content marketing.

How will you  continue creating valuable content consistently while running your daily revenue producing activities?  You can get a head start by first identifying  and listing the content that is working for you now to attract, engage and close clients.  Once you have this, re-purpose this content to various other channels to make it more powerful.  When you update your blog or website, ensure that you update all of your social media profiles so that they are all consistent.  Mix and match your online and offline efforts.  If you do a sales mailer or a postcard campaign, match it with google display ads or face book re-marketing to support it. Have a page of your website or a pop up to match the campaign.  Drive your online prospects to your offline world and vice-versa.

This way you will be able to have a integrated campaign that achieves a purpose which is bigger than merely attracting new leads.  Although, your content marketing will convert only a fraction of your leads into revenue, that fraction will be enough if you are in it for the long haul and a clear focus.  Most companies give up on content marketing too early in the cycle.  However the smart ones, understand the value of a sustained content marketing campaign and its long term benefits.

Maybe none of your individual piece of content may go viral, but your audience will grow both in size and in loyalty as you continue to add value to your content marketing strategy.

If you can get through the learning initial learning curve,  you will be able to break down your content marketing into a repeatable process that can be simple and automated.

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Let us talk about Content Marketing

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Want to take your sales and marketing efforts to a whole new level? 

Content Marketing is considered to be one of the most, if not the most important tool for long term relationship building with your clients and prospects.

So what is Content Marketing?digital printing services dubai

The Content Marketing Institute definition of Content Marketing is as follows-“Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain clearly defined audience-and ultimately drive profitable customer action”.

There may be many reasons to have a well thought of long term content marketing strategy.  We will look at five reasons why you should consider content marketing for your business.

Content Marketing positions you as a leader in your market-As a content marketer you will provide deep insights that help your clients and prospects to achieve their goals and answer their queries.  This significantly enhances your value proposition as you become the go to resource for your chosen business community.

Effectiveness-Content Marketing is highly effective with B2B companies regularly getting as much as 67% more leads on a monthly basis and 57% content marketers believe they have gained more customers due to their Content marketing efforts.

Drive new leads to your business-A modern content marketing strategy will involve both online and offline strategies working in tandem.  Content Marketing will drive new traffic to your business both online and off and these leads will form your target audience for a sustained content marketing campaign.

Convert the leads to long term clients-As more and more leads are generated, you can have a ‘funnel’ in place where  you can engage with these new leads and nurture them into becoming long term customers.  You can offer them a lot of free and valuable content on an on-going basis with occasional special offers, discounts etc., to convert a number of them into clients.

Long Term marketing strategy-Unlike other strategies, Content Marketing is a long term strategy.  As long as you can provide new and enduring valuable content that is always accessible to your audience, you will always keep adding leads to your prospect database and with your marketing funnel, you will have a endless stream of clients.

Want to know where to start? Go here…

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13 tips for Restaurant Menus Design and printing

Restaurant Menu Design Dubai

Restaurant Menu Design Dubai

For restaurants one of the most crictical component of growth and profitability is the food menu.  Once you have decided on your food menu, you can use your full color printed menus as a primary method of marketing and business growth.  The key is to use a well designed printed menu with a distribution strategy targeted at your local area of dominance  to find new and repeat customers.

This guide will help you start off a “Menu” marketing campaign that will help you in targeting your audience in your locality.

Restaurant Menu Design Dubai

The all important Menu Design

A menu design obviously, is a very creative process that will differ from restaurant to restaurant.  Along with the creative process there is a little bit of science involved to increase response and drive new customers to your restaurant like  highlighting key items, improving your image all this while increasing profitability.

Menu Printing

  1. Categorise all your menu items by type of food for e.g. for a pizza restaurant it could be like this : Pizza, Pasta, Subs, Salads, Beverages, etc.
  2. List all your food categories in the right order: Appetizers – Soups – Salads– Entrées – Desserts. Grouping all your food categories can help you make pricing decisions. It will also help you adjust pricing for each menu item depending on volume and profit. Finding the right balance is key.
  3. If possible try and include an “extras” section on your menu for e.g. (
    again using a pizza restaurant as an example) extra cheese, bread sticks, etc. (This can also be a surprising way to increase sales and extra revenue on each order)
  4. This one is worth repeating even if you probably already know it –Add your unique personality into your menu with special items that clients should feel that only you do the best
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words-use mouth watering images of food items for each of your food category. A professional image database of your menu is an absolute must.
  6. Avoid using dotted lines (“…..”) leading up to your pricing as this makes your menu look like a price list. Do not use the currency (AED) on menus. Simply place the number after the item description.  This makes the client focus on the description.
  7. Use a clear description without going overboard for your menu items.
  8. As mentioned earlier used professional and original images of your food menu- for printing use 300 dpi. For your website, 72 dpi is ideal.
  9. Use the services of a good graphic designer or agency for your printed menu
  10. Ideally print full color on gloss paper or matt depending on which you think goes with the image of your restaurant.
  11. You may even color digital printing initially to print small quantities and still find it affordable.  This also allows you to quickly make changes as you move on  to update your menus and pricing, after a few weeks based on previous business figures.
  12. Choose a high quality and experienced printer using a good quality gloss or matt coated paper. Ask your printer for a ‘proof’ copy for final approval before going for a print run.  Ensure that there are no typos by doing a thorough  proof reading more than once.
  13. You may print two versions one thick paper for the house menus, and one for takeaways and distribution on thinner (80 gsm) paper.

Restaurant Menu Design Dubai

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Business cards-(the classic networking tool)

Business Card Printing Dubai
Business Card Printing Dubai

Retro Business card circa 1890s

Why this ‘ancient’ networking tool is still around and just as important today

In our digital world today, we come across more and more content that is being generated on a daily basis exponentially.  Very little of this content finds it’s way to a hardcopy ‘print’ since the bulk of the content is for screens and computer files, rather than for print media.  While this is good in several ways, it also changes the way we are building relationships in business.

Most people today are satisfied with a quick exchange of website addresses and mobile phone numbers as it is quick, easy and convenient.  This is not without drawbacks.  An important contact can easily get ignored even if you had saved it  as a contact into your phone address book.  A website can easily be forgotten and several attempts of ‘remembering’  it and launching a search on google may end in vain.

Enter the ‘old school’ but really effective tool- printed business card.  Though small, the fiesty business card is one of those things that cannot be replaced with digital.  Not yet.

Business cards can still claim pole position as the best tool to introduce yourself while networking.

Business cards are inexpensive to produce and you do not have to worry about distributing them a lot, since just one new client will pay for more than the costs.  A business card is the fastest way of making a lasting impression the first time you meet somebody.  In many cases, if your card is creative and different, it may even be the start of a new conversation as soon as you hand them out.

Business Card Printing Dubai

Let me list here five reasons why business cards deserves to be in your marketing arsenal

Branding tool-A business card helps you to make a memorable impression on a prospect in addition to passing your just your contact details.  The fonts, logo, tagline elements that go into the design of your card conveys the story of your brand in just a few seconds.  A well crafted and creative business card will continue to work for you even after the first meeting and also be shared with others.  Gold!

Personal touch-Exchanging mobile numbers and website details over the phone may be convenient and easy but it is impersonal.  However, it can never be as effective as solid eye contact, a friendly handshake and a sincere real face to face conversation.  The best relationships typically start in this fashion.

Build Trust-A good clean well designed business card immediately conveys a measure of legitimacy and professionalism.  It is instrumental in building trust early in the relationship which can then be nurtured for mutual benefit.

Quick n Easy-A business card is small and handy and can be quickly drawn out and given to the person you are meeting rather easily.  No need for the client to dig out his smartphone and try to save your name and number.  He can always do that later at his convenience.  Instead, valuable moments are spent talking about real business, agreeing on a next step or even closing on a deal.

Preparedness-A business card announces that you are ready for business.  You don’t want to be without a business card in the middle of a conversation with an important prospect when they ask you for your card.  It just shows that you are prepared to make connections and do business.

There may be more advantages of using a business card, but for me these five are enough.  How about you?

Business Card Printing Dubai

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3 vital elements for a succesful sales mailer.

Digital printing in Dubai
digital printing in dubai

3 Vital elements that your Sales Mailer needs to have.

Does your sales mailer does the job for you.  Is it winning you as much business as it should?

A mailer takes a lot of effort and costs to print and mail, so it is all the more important that it is effective and brings you the desired results. However, a lot of introductory mailers fall short of grabbing the attention of the target audience in the way that it should.

Digital printing in Dubai

A sales mailer needs to have the ‘wow’ factor and should make the reader sit up, take notice and feel the need to contact you.  At the very least, it should be able to excite the reader enough to make her receptive to a follow up call from the sender.  So how do you produce a mailer that has the best chance of getting you the results that you want?  Here are three things that goes into a winning mailer that gets you results.

Hi quality mailers

All of us receive a lot of mailers.  Most of them do not even get a second look.  However there is always one or two that makes you want to look at it again.  A good mailer is professionally printed, has a good design, with copy that leads you from the beginning to the call to action and is printed on good quality paper.  If the size and shape of it is unusual, then it increases the curiosity of the receiver.  You can even take it to another level by personalising it using variable text and images so that it fits a particular demographic.

Focus on the customer

Most mailers get a lot of things right, but talk only about themselves.  Their message is largely focused on their product or service.  Which means a lot  of the readers soon lose interest in reading further. They are more interested in what your product or service can do for them.  How can you help them and solve a problem?  The mailer should focus mainly on the customer, his pain point and how your service or product can benefit them by solving the problem.

Yes I did tell you mailers are not easy.  But if you get them right, they will be your best sales tool.   And we have still one more element even after you have done a good job of with the points discussed earlier.

Include a Call to Action

Many mailers have a vague or no call to action at all.  Simply asking your target prospect to call is not enough.  It is necessary to encourage the prospect to take action with an incentive.

For instance you can offer a discount on a product, or an extra element of service when they order your main service or similar.  Most people will make it time critical to instil a sense of urgency.   This is a great way to win new clients and capture old clients too.

Well you have enough to start on your new mailer.  Make sure you incorporate these three elements and your mailer will be more than worth all the time, effort and costs that will go into it.

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How to be different?

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How to stand apart from the crowd.

In an earlier article we discussed the importance of having a unique selling proposition as the point of difference between you and your competition. While this is easy to read in theory, to actually implement it in practice is not that easy.  It may be tough to find out that one thing that is valuable, unique and proprietary in the way you serve your target audience.

Printing Company Dubai

So here four ways of trying to locate or build your unique selling proposition.

  1. Specialist in a unique market – One way to show you are different is by being a specialist for just one particular type of business.  For e.g. the go to Adwords Specialist for Real Estate Companies (not just a adwords specialist), or the Direct Marketer for Luxury Jewellery companies, not just a Direct Marketer.  You focus on them and you will be regarded as a Specialist for that type of business.
  2. Unique method or process – If you have a specific method developed in your business and it is unique, it could be a great way to stand apart from the crowd.  For instance you may have a specific way for example, of determining how to handle variable data printing jobs for a direct marketing company that reduces their work, or reduces the time of production drastically.  That could be your USP.
  3. Unusual product/Service – Some businesses may have a unique product or service.  An ice-cream seller who focuses on Naturally made ice-cream with no artificial colors or flavours, A caterer may provide “Vegan only” lunch to office goers, or specially made for diabetics, or such other point of differentiation.
  4. Result oriented – If your company has a product or service that repeatedly provides tangible results  the  ‘result oriented’ reputation you develop becomes your unique selling point and clients come to you rather than you looking for work.

Printing Company Dubai

Your unique selling point needs to be strongly branded and placed in front of your prospects.  Buyers need a reason to choose you as their preferred supplier.  Your unique selling point helps with this.  In the real world, it can be difficult to be truly different.  However, using some of the ideas above may help you identify and highlight your unique selling proposition.

Action plan

  • Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas using some of the tips here as starting points
  • Check how your list works against the three words check words from my other article (Value, Unique, proprietary)
  • Test your USP(s) with some of your current customer.
  • Soon you will be well on the way in identifying  your USP that will help you stand apart from the competition.

Contact NGI Digital for a unique perspective on your next Design and Print Project.


Do you have a ‘difference’

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Why you need to be different?

Think of  yourself in a supermarket aisle looking at three different packets of Table Salt.  They are all in similar looking packaging and pretty much say the same thing on the front of the packet.  Which one are you going to buy?

Most people will go for the lowest cost option. When there is no real reason to choose one over the other, buyers will decide on the price only.

Why having a difference is important

Companies and products that sell on a unique selling point, build a special relationship with their clients.  This reason will see their customers choose them over the other brands. Thus these brands and or services will stand a better change of having control of the sales conversation and are more likely to achieve their business and sales numbers.

Companies that are very clear about the difference they provide over their competition find it much easier to penetrate their chosen market and achieve their business goals.  The others who do not have a unique selling proposition will be treated as mere commodity suppliers and price will be the only differentiator for a majority of them.

Printing in UAE

So how do you create your unique selling proposition.  How will you be different from the competition?

Quality or good service do not make you different.  Customers today have come to expect great quality and excellent service as standard.  The compelling reason for them to buy should be in addition to these.  Just look around at your competition.  How many of them talk about quality and great service.  Will quality or great service make you different from the others. If not then what will?

Three words that will help you decide on a powerful difference that makes you exclusive and allows you to choose your target audience.

The three words are;

  • Valuable
  • Specific
  • Proprietary

Valuable-Your Unique Selling Point should be valuable to the client.  For a busy sales and marketing bureau, 24 hour turnaround for business card printing services may be a valuable proposition.

Specific-It is important that the difference you provide is something tangible or something the customer can easily visualise. For e.g. the best food in dubai may not mean much to a lot of people. Something more specific like “original Lebanese cuisine” or something even more specific like “original Lebanese bakery”  may work or even the  24 hour turnaround for business card printing service so long as there are no one else who can provide the same kind of service.

Proprietary-This can be a huge clincher.  Ideally the difference should be something that cannot be copied or at least is very difficult to replicate.  If you can create a process or method that is unique and cannot be copied you will obviously have a winning proposition for your clients.

Again going back to the 24 hour business card printing service, it will qualify as a unique proposition,  if none of your competitors could offer that turnaround  or they may not be able to provide the quality or options that you provide.

That table salt example

If I look at standard table salt, price will be the main criteria.   However if I saw a “Pink Himalayan Rock Salt” especially good to sprinkle on my daily salad bowl, I won’t mind paying extra for it.

Need to start on finding your USP.  Go read this then.


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Can you afford ‘cheap’ printing?

Dubai Printing Company

Dubai Printing Company

Dubai Printing Company – There is no dearth of companies in Dubai, offering cheap printing, but the question you should ask is would you compromise quality for cost alone?  Would you buy something based on just the price?

For e.g. let us take business cards.  There are companies that offer these for a unheard of low prices, and they do seem like a great bargain at first.  However, when your business cards do arrive you realise that you are getting exactly what you have paid for.  The quality of the printing and the cheap paper will leave you disappointed and regretting your decision.

Or leaflets, Flyers or even Brochures.  Yes you can get them from a printer who may offer Free design and cheap printing.  When you receive the printed materials (hopefully just in time as most of these cheap printing options are prone to delay), you realise that you cannot use the cheaply printed, shabby  printing on looking paper that was used. Face-Palm moment.

dubai printing company uaeDubai Printing Company.

Business Stationery-Like Business cards, these marketing pieces represent your company, your brand and your business.  Using cheap paper, low quality prints just to save costs reflects negatively on your image and is highly avoidable.

Would you like to have great printing at realistic prices?

NGI Digital strives to go the extra mile, to give high speed, high quality printing at prices that will not break the bank.  In fact you will value our service highly like hundreds of our customers for prompt and professional services.

Our Design and Print options for all kinds of  marketing materials and stationery has a process with approvals at important milestones, to ensure that you get exactly what you have ordered for with a realistic time frame that is achievable.

Moral of the story?- Call NGI Dubai for great looking high quality and affordable printing.


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Dubai Printing Company.



Why printed flyers still work.

Digital Printers in Dubai

Digital Printers in Dubai

Flyers do the job. Even today.

Flyers can be on the most effective tool in your marketing war chest due to which it is one of the most popular printed product for a variety of businesses. A well designed flyer get your message out to your target audience and gets   your brand get noticed.

The quality of the design and printing of your flyers will establish its effectiveness in achieving the objectives.  Your flyer may be the first introduction a customer comes across of your brand, product or service, or of your event.  Make a lasting first impression and the benefits will last for a long time.  Let us look at five top tips for a successful flyer design and print project.

  1. Get great copy

Flyers need to grab your prospects attention instantly.  A great headline will help you win your readers attention and make them curious to find out more.  Good copy will ensure that your readers are kept interested and guide them slowly to the call to action, which could be a phone call or a visit to your webpage to avail of a special service or offer.

  1. Get your design spot on

Your flyer should be properly laid out with the right mix of a great image, only the minimum amont of copy and clever white space so that it does not appear cluttered.  A good professional design will make your brand look special and unique and place your business or brand in a unique way in the eyes of the reader.

  1. Keep it short

The main purpose of your flyer is to generate interest in your brand and lead them to contact you for more information either by calling you, visiting a location or your web page.  Try to keep your copy short and to the point and ensure there is a strong call to action   A cluttered and busy looking flyer may turn your reader off and make her lose interest.

  1. Use high quality printing

Even the best of designs will look cheap if the printing is not of the highest quality and render the flyer ineffective.  Use NGI Digital’s top of the range digital press for hi-quality printing that will enhance your brand image.

  1. Think about paper

Printing on the right kind of paper is as important as your design and print quality.  A cheap flimsy paper will give a very low impression and should be avoided.  Go for the right kind of weight in a silk, gloss or even a quality uncoated finish.  You can even use recycled options in paper.  Go for the special luxury range if your product is premium and if you are aiming to sell expensive products to a select group of high net worth individuals or for a similar special purpose.


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Printing on Vinyl…

Digital printers Dubai

digital printers dubai

One of the most powerful marketing tools for small businesses are vinyl graphics used for vehicle wraps,  signages, event graphics, posters and banners and more.

Top quality materials-The final results depends a lot  on the quality of the materials like the inks and vinyls that are used for production.  Using quality products and getting communicates the clients commitment to quality and small details in everything they do.  The type of adhesives used for the vinyl depends on a lot of factors like the type of surface the vinyl is applied to or based on permanent or temporary use, or even special requirements like resistance to petroleum products.  All these factors and more like should go into consideration before  the final material is chosen that is tailored to the specific needs of the project and the final result is vinyl graphics of the highest quality that represents your brand and company.

Digital printers Dubai

Top quality equipment-The equipment, the ambient temperature on the work floor, type of machinery used for different types of graphics, for e.g. screen printing process is ideal for basic ‘clean cut’ designs whereas for a high quality photographic image digital printing is more suitable.  The use of high grade equipment and products and using the right printing option based on the type of graphic with the end application in mind, will give you the top-quality results that your brand and company deserves.

Ensure continuity in marketing elements-All marketing elements, from vehicle wraps, to posters, banners should have a visual continuity so that a coordinated marketing effort is possible and all the brand elements are tied together in a synchronised fashion.

Expert installation-All the top graphics produced will go waste if the installation is sub-standard.  Expert and experienced installers will pay special attention to temperatures, environment, with attention to detail and keeping in mind of the need for a co-ordinated look and feel.

NGI Digital specialises in all your branding needs through vehicle graphics, wraps, wall graphics for retail locations and offices, window graphics, floor graphics, event signages and more with expert capabilities and years of experience to meet any challenging project requirements.  Call NGI today.

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