Why printed flyers still work.

Digital Printers in Dubai

Digital Printers in Dubai

Flyers do the job. Even today.

Flyers can be on the most effective tool in your marketing war chest due to which it is one of the most popular printed product for a variety of businesses. A well designed flyer get your message out to your target audience and gets   your brand get noticed.

The quality of the design and printing of your flyers will establish its effectiveness in achieving the objectives.  Your flyer may be the first introduction a customer comes across of your brand, product or service, or of your event.  Make a lasting first impression and the benefits will last for a long time.  Let us look at five top tips for a successful flyer design and print project.

  1. Get great copy

Flyers need to grab your prospects attention instantly.  A great headline will help you win your readers attention and make them curious to find out more.  Good copy will ensure that your readers are kept interested and guide them slowly to the call to action, which could be a phone call or a visit to your webpage to avail of a special service or offer.

  1. Get your design spot on

Your flyer should be properly laid out with the right mix of a great image, only the minimum amont of copy and clever white space so that it does not appear cluttered.  A good professional design will make your brand look special and unique and place your business or brand in a unique way in the eyes of the reader.

  1. Keep it short

The main purpose of your flyer is to generate interest in your brand and lead them to contact you for more information either by calling you, visiting a location or your web page.  Try to keep your copy short and to the point and ensure there is a strong call to action   A cluttered and busy looking flyer may turn your reader off and make her lose interest.

  1. Use high quality printing

Even the best of designs will look cheap if the printing is not of the highest quality and render the flyer ineffective.  Use NGI Digital’s top of the range digital press for hi-quality printing that will enhance your brand image.

  1. Think about paper

Printing on the right kind of paper is as important as your design and print quality.  A cheap flimsy paper will give a very low impression and should be avoided.  Go for the right kind of weight in a silk, gloss or even a quality uncoated finish.  You can even use recycled options in paper.  Go for the special luxury range if your product is premium and if you are aiming to sell expensive products to a select group of high net worth individuals or for a similar special purpose.


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Digital Printers in Dubai