3 vital elements for a succesful sales mailer.

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3 Vital elements that your Sales Mailer needs to have.

Does your sales mailer does the job for you.  Is it winning you as much business as it should?

A mailer takes a lot of effort and costs to print and mail, so it is all the more important that it is effective and brings you the desired results. However, a lot of introductory mailers fall short of grabbing the attention of the target audience in the way that it should.

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A sales mailer needs to have the ‘wow’ factor and should make the reader sit up, take notice and feel the need to contact you.  At the very least, it should be able to excite the reader enough to make her receptive to a follow up call from the sender.  So how do you produce a mailer that has the best chance of getting you the results that you want?  Here are three things that goes into a winning mailer that gets you results.

Hi quality mailers

All of us receive a lot of mailers.  Most of them do not even get a second look.  However there is always one or two that makes you want to look at it again.  A good mailer is professionally printed, has a good design, with copy that leads you from the beginning to the call to action and is printed on good quality paper.  If the size and shape of it is unusual, then it increases the curiosity of the receiver.  You can even take it to another level by personalising it using variable text and images so that it fits a particular demographic.

Focus on the customer

Most mailers get a lot of things right, but talk only about themselves.  Their message is largely focused on their product or service.  Which means a lot  of the readers soon lose interest in reading further. They are more interested in what your product or service can do for them.  How can you help them and solve a problem?  The mailer should focus mainly on the customer, his pain point and how your service or product can benefit them by solving the problem.

Yes I did tell you mailers are not easy.  But if you get them right, they will be your best sales tool.   And we have still one more element even after you have done a good job of with the points discussed earlier.

Include a Call to Action

Many mailers have a vague or no call to action at all.  Simply asking your target prospect to call is not enough.  It is necessary to encourage the prospect to take action with an incentive.

For instance you can offer a discount on a product, or an extra element of service when they order your main service or similar.  Most people will make it time critical to instil a sense of urgency.   This is a great way to win new clients and capture old clients too.

Well you have enough to start on your new mailer.  Make sure you incorporate these three elements and your mailer will be more than worth all the time, effort and costs that will go into it.

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Digital printing in Dubai