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digital printing uaeNGI Digital press, a digital printing company in Dubai, specialises in wide format and narrow format Digital printing services, graphic design  and offset printing,  making the most of  new media technologies as well as traditional print media.

Various printing options are available for different print requirements.  Employee hand books, financial statements, training manuals, brochures, flyers, business stationery, quick business cards- whatever is your need, we can be of assistance to you with a solution that compliments your needs and suits your budget.  We are known for our professional print consultancy, realistic timelines, quality finished products and cost effective services.

With several years of experience in the fields print media, advertising, sales & marketing, besides keeping abreast of the world wide web, allows us to quickly understand the needs of our clients and their markets, their objectives and business goals.

Do contact us now for your next design and print project

Our experience coupled with the newest print technologies help us to provide our clients with exactly what they need in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Digital printing company dubai

Our Services include:- 

  • Digital press printing 
  • Offset printing solutions   
  • Graphic design  
  • Wide format printing 
  • Quick business cards printing services     


How you can benefit from our Business printing expertise

Please send us your requirements, based on which we will send you our suggested options.  Be it books, posters, presentation folders, catalogs, post cards or direct mail projects, send us a brief description of what you want along with quantities and estimated delivery time and we will call you back  to take your project further.

How short run quick turnaround Digital printing is beneficial to SMEs

With our advanced digital printing solutions in full color , we can have professional flyers, brochures, business cards,  postcards and other marketing tools in smaller quantities as and when you require.  This way you invest only in the bare minimum quantities that you will require for your initial marketing activities.

Publishers, please take note…

Our color and black on white digital printing solutions is great news for publishers and authors who want to self-publish.  You can print a 'test' quantity to study the market and the response and then depending on results either go into a huge print run or print on demand as and when required. Besides this you can print out of stock items and even take on more publications where first editions were too small to be feasible previously.

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Digital printing explained...Digital printing Dubai

Digital printing may be defined as the process of reproducing images that are digital in nature on to substrates like paper, cloth, photographic paper, vinyl, metal and various other printing surfaces. With a conventional offset process the ink is absorbed into the paper. Not so with digital printing as here, the ink forms a layer on the surface and is ‘sealed’ with a varnish (typically oil based). There is less waste using Digital printing in terms of chemicals used and the paper wasted during setting up process in conventional offset printing.


Digital printing is especially effective for short run printing for small quantities required very very quickly. Digital printing is also great for variable data printing where every piece needs to be personalized with data unique to that piece, useful for database marketing or one-to-one marketing

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Digital printing guide

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