How to be different?

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How to stand apart from the crowd.

In an earlier article we discussed the importance of having a unique selling proposition as the point of difference between you and your competition. While this is easy to read in theory, to actually implement it in practice is not that easy.  It may be tough to find out that one thing that is valuable, unique and proprietary in the way you serve your target audience.

Printing Company Dubai

So here four ways of trying to locate or build your unique selling proposition.

  1. Specialist in a unique market – One way to show you are different is by being a specialist for just one particular type of business.  For e.g. the go to Adwords Specialist for Real Estate Companies (not just a adwords specialist), or the Direct Marketer for Luxury Jewellery companies, not just a Direct Marketer.  You focus on them and you will be regarded as a Specialist for that type of business.
  2. Unique method or process – If you have a specific method developed in your business and it is unique, it could be a great way to stand apart from the crowd.  For instance you may have a specific way for example, of determining how to handle variable data printing jobs for a direct marketing company that reduces their work, or reduces the time of production drastically.  That could be your USP.
  3. Unusual product/Service – Some businesses may have a unique product or service.  An ice-cream seller who focuses on Naturally made ice-cream with no artificial colors or flavours, A caterer may provide “Vegan only” lunch to office goers, or specially made for diabetics, or such other point of differentiation.
  4. Result oriented – If your company has a product or service that repeatedly provides tangible results  the  ‘result oriented’ reputation you develop becomes your unique selling point and clients come to you rather than you looking for work.

Printing Company Dubai

Your unique selling point needs to be strongly branded and placed in front of your prospects.  Buyers need a reason to choose you as their preferred supplier.  Your unique selling point helps with this.  In the real world, it can be difficult to be truly different.  However, using some of the ideas above may help you identify and highlight your unique selling proposition.

Action plan

  • Sit down with your team and brainstorm some ideas using some of the tips here as starting points
  • Check how your list works against the three words check words from my other article (Value, Unique, proprietary)
  • Test your USP(s) with some of your current customer.
  • Soon you will be well on the way in identifying  your USP that will help you stand apart from the competition.

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