Do you have a ‘difference’

Printing in UAE

printing in uae

Why you need to be different?

Think of  yourself in a supermarket aisle looking at three different packets of Table Salt.  They are all in similar looking packaging and pretty much say the same thing on the front of the packet.  Which one are you going to buy?

Most people will go for the lowest cost option. When there is no real reason to choose one over the other, buyers will decide on the price only.

Why having a difference is important

Companies and products that sell on a unique selling point, build a special relationship with their clients.  This reason will see their customers choose them over the other brands. Thus these brands and or services will stand a better change of having control of the sales conversation and are more likely to achieve their business and sales numbers.

Companies that are very clear about the difference they provide over their competition find it much easier to penetrate their chosen market and achieve their business goals.  The others who do not have a unique selling proposition will be treated as mere commodity suppliers and price will be the only differentiator for a majority of them.

Printing in UAE

So how do you create your unique selling proposition.  How will you be different from the competition?

Quality or good service do not make you different.  Customers today have come to expect great quality and excellent service as standard.  The compelling reason for them to buy should be in addition to these.  Just look around at your competition.  How many of them talk about quality and great service.  Will quality or great service make you different from the others. If not then what will?

Three words that will help you decide on a powerful difference that makes you exclusive and allows you to choose your target audience.

The three words are;

  • Valuable
  • Specific
  • Proprietary

Valuable-Your Unique Selling Point should be valuable to the client.  For a busy sales and marketing bureau, 24 hour turnaround for business card printing services may be a valuable proposition.

Specific-It is important that the difference you provide is something tangible or something the customer can easily visualise. For e.g. the best food in dubai may not mean much to a lot of people. Something more specific like “original Lebanese cuisine” or something even more specific like “original Lebanese bakery”  may work or even the  24 hour turnaround for business card printing service so long as there are no one else who can provide the same kind of service.

Proprietary-This can be a huge clincher.  Ideally the difference should be something that cannot be copied or at least is very difficult to replicate.  If you can create a process or method that is unique and cannot be copied you will obviously have a winning proposition for your clients.

Again going back to the 24 hour business card printing service, it will qualify as a unique proposition,  if none of your competitors could offer that turnaround  or they may not be able to provide the quality or options that you provide.

That table salt example

If I look at standard table salt, price will be the main criteria.   However if I saw a “Pink Himalayan Rock Salt” especially good to sprinkle on my daily salad bowl, I won’t mind paying extra for it.

Need to start on finding your USP.  Go read this then.


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Printing in UAE.