Size matters in Wide format.

Digital printing Dubai UAE

digital printing dubai uae

Wide format printing exists everywhere.  Go to any shopping mall in Dubai, and nearly each and every shop will have some kind of  wide or large format printing material displayed.   Drive on Sh. Zayed road and you will see billboard after billboard with messages that are mainly printed on large format or super large format digital printers.

When the electronic billboard was launched the death knell for traditional billboards was sounded and was given just a few years to survive.  That has not happened as yet!  On the contrary, more static or traditional billboards bigger, larger and wider in sizes have started to appear along the beautiful highways of the emirates.  Electronic billboards display multiple marketing messages in a few seconds.  Not many of us can read and process these messages while driving at 100+ km/hr.  Electronic boards though may make sense at busy squares, where traffic does stop for the lights to turn green.  Traditional billboards are easier to read as there is only one or two messages printed in large fonts and easy to read.  Printing of these is usually done either by silkscreen printing or digital printing on multiple panels which are then applied to the billboard in sections.

digital printing dubai ae

Wide format printing is used extensively to print  banners, posters and signage, roll ups and pop up stands too. Some new uses like printing art prints on canvas is becoming highly popular.  Very personalised designs to print wall papers for office, retail and home applications is gaining huge popularity.

New technologies and machines help you to print on metal, glass, boards and wood, flexible materials et al.  Your options are limited only by your imagination.  It is not unheard of to print directly on a wood door or even on a glass shower sliding door.  Floor graphics have become common and used for directional as well as promotional purposes in stores.

Large format printing is growing exponentially.  We offer design and print options with just about any size.  Talk to us about your specific requirement and we will suggest a bespoke solution for you.  Remember size does matter.


Digital printing Dubai UAE