How to make content marketing work

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How to make Content Marketing work for you.

In a previous post we looked at how Content Marketing can be an important part of your long term strategy.   Here we will see how to go about developing a Content Marketing strategy.

A common misconception is that content marketing is exclusively digital, with social media, blogs and websites, when actually it is much more than just that.

All media that is produced and consumed in various formats viz., text, audio, video, images, in digital or print can be part of a content marketing strategy.

Digital Printing UAE

Whatever the media or the strategy, the main rule is that the content should be created with the target audience in mind.  The target audience is the starting point of any content marketing campaign.

Your target audience

  • Why your business exists?
  • Who are you trying to service?
  • Defining your target audience in great detail and specificity only, will help you to attract them.
  • What are the problems they have that your business can solve?
  • What services do they need and why?
  • Why should they you choose over your competition?
  • And most critical, what makes your business the ONLY choice they have?

The answers to the questions above will not only create a clear idea for your content but more importantly, will give you a foundation for creating and perfecting the products or services that your business should focus on.

Content should always be valuable and actionable for your audience.  It usually comes free, though in some instances it could command a price and is a product by itself.  The content you create should add value to your product or service.

Write out your content strategydigital printing uae

This is the biggest test for any business.  You can write down a plan only if you have understood it completely.  Without a written plan, you do not have one. Simple as that.  Write down your strategic plan for a successful content marketing.

How will you  continue creating valuable content consistently while running your daily revenue producing activities?  You can get a head start by first identifying  and listing the content that is working for you now to attract, engage and close clients.  Once you have this, re-purpose this content to various other channels to make it more powerful.  When you update your blog or website, ensure that you update all of your social media profiles so that they are all consistent.  Mix and match your online and offline efforts.  If you do a sales mailer or a postcard campaign, match it with google display ads or face book re-marketing to support it. Have a page of your website or a pop up to match the campaign.  Drive your online prospects to your offline world and vice-versa.

This way you will be able to have a integrated campaign that achieves a purpose which is bigger than merely attracting new leads.  Although, your content marketing will convert only a fraction of your leads into revenue, that fraction will be enough if you are in it for the long haul and a clear focus.  Most companies give up on content marketing too early in the cycle.  However the smart ones, understand the value of a sustained content marketing campaign and its long term benefits.

Maybe none of your individual piece of content may go viral, but your audience will grow both in size and in loyalty as you continue to add value to your content marketing strategy.

If you can get through the learning initial learning curve,  you will be able to break down your content marketing into a repeatable process that can be simple and automated.

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