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Updated on 26th January, 2020-Digital Printing Dubai

Cost effective Hi-speed Digital printing services in Dubai.

Digital Printing Dubai – We offer quick turnaround short run full color wide format digital printing in Dubai.  With our amazing digital printing capabilities, it is that much easier to target new clients and existing clients with wide format printing.

wide format digital printing dubai

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Digital Printing Dubai.

What is wide format Digital Printing

Printing Technology has come a long way with great changes brought in with the advent of digital technology.  The latest printing machinery have become faster, producing an amazing quality of printed materials at much lower cost than ever before making it more popular than ever before.

Wide format digital printing service in Dubai.

When you want to make a big statement be it for your signage needs or for an event, wide format digital printing is the best way to go.

As the name suggests,  a wide format printer is machine that can print on a large sized paper or other media.  The size can range from two feet to more than fifteen feet in width and almost any length as these materials typically come in a roll.  For e.g. you can wrap an entire building with a wide format printing solution.  Wide format or large format digital printing is an economical choice for short run color printing projects for signage solutions, banner printing for events or for printing Posters for a show.

Wide format printing machines use different kinds of inks for various applications with respect to large digital prints.  Aqueous printers are common as they can produce excellent print resolution with quick outputs and really easy to use.  Solvent inkjet printers are used for outdoor graphics and durable and weather resistant.  UV based flatbed large format digital printers are used to print on a wider array of materials including garments, tiles, wood and the inks are as durable as those used for outdoor printing.

Digital Printing Dubai.

What can we do with wide format printing?

Digital Large format printing or wide format printing is largely used to produce impressive full colour banners and posters on a variety of materials, including matt, gloss and semi-gloss paper, but it is also used to print on  wallpaper, vinyl material, foam boards, metal, wood, ceramics and even PVC.  What is more environment friendly inks are also available for these and is widely expected to become an industry standard with the focus on eco-friendly trends.

The possibilities are endless and the uses are multiple.  You can print eye- catching promotional materials for a grand opening, suing banners and signs and really big posters.

Digital printed color flags are used to draw the public’s attention.  Larger than life vinyl window graphics can be used to advertise your products.  Adhesive wall decals can be used on bare walls to give the store an exciting and vibrant look.  Individual product posters can be used to mark various areas subtly and help customers find what they are looking for quickly.  Cost effective Vehicle wraps will turn your business fleet into 24 hour travelling billboards garnering attention when on the move or even when parked.

large format digital printing dubai

Wide format printing in Dubai

We provide a large format printing on a variety of materials, weights, thickness and finishes including on self adhesive films, vinyls, photo papers, canvas, banner materials, textiles and much more.  Our Flatbed printers allows us to print wide format directly on foam boards, corrugated boards, acrylics, aluminium composite materials (ACM), Fabrics, Cores and card.

Our Client list includes retail groups, banks, event companies, marketing agencies, construction firms, local authorities and more.

Our reputation is built upon a history of delivering high quality products at competitive pricing while adhering to time critical deadlines.

We can manage the entire project by providing project management consultancy, on site survey and installation in addition to our creative design and ready-to-print artwork.

Digital Printing Dubai.

On Specs-On Time-On Budget

We  offer customized solutions for every project and deliver stunning prints for any campaign big or small.  We can print and deliver graphics on almost any surface using direct to media printing on roll fed material (banners, roll ups, pop ups), wall coverings (both temporary and permanent), POS materials, outdoor media, posters, canvas and other similar applications.

LED display solutions can be found here.

For more info on LED displays check out this on Wiki.

Digital Printing Dubai

Who uses our wide-format printing services?

We have a long and diverse list of organisations, businesses and people who are using our wide format printing services  and this number is growing quickly.  To be honest, it is very difficult to find a company that has not used wide-format printing in one way or the other.  Some of the popular markets and uses for our wide format printing is listed here :-

Hotels, Leisure and entertainment-Amusement parks, Hotels and sports arenas use our services to produce show posters, lobby displays, special offers and booth signs.

Restaurants, groceries, retailers -Retail stores and Factory warehouses use wide format printing for POS materials, window graphics, Floor graphics and more, whereas restaurants and groceries use it for in-store displays, backlit boards, menu posters and sales signs.

Corporate Business-All corporates including multi- national and local Banks, real estate developers, law firms use wide format printing to announce new products and services, lobby graphics, directional signs, on-site giant graphics and more.

Creative Agencies-All marketing and advertising agencies have a dedicated design studio who use wide format printing for creative presentations and full color large size proofs.

Government agencies-Fire Departments, Police Departments, Road Transport authorities and almost all departments use wide format printing for special event graphics, safety campaigns to educate the general public, directional signage and road safety sign and recreational posters in parks other public areas.

So as you can see just about everyone has used full color huge prints in one way or the other for one purpose or another.

Digital Printing Dubai

Advantages of Color Digital Printing.

Quick Turnaround-Perfect for something that needs to be done very quickly.  Unlike offset printing, there is no need to prepare films and plates and only a minimal set-up time is required.

High Quality-Digital printing has improved vastly over the years to match and occasionally surpass offset print quality.

Value-As pre-press plates and films are not required, there is minimal set-up time and costs, and hence digital printing offers excellent value especially for smaller quantity of prints.

Short runs-If you require very small quantities then digital printing is your best bet.  While it is easy and cost effective for small runs, traditional offset printing is the best option for large numbers.

Digital Printing Dubai


Digital Printing Dubai

How do you use posters for advertising?

Large format poster printing is an evergreen marketing tool used by most businesses big and small accross the continents.   Posers are used for building brands and for making big statements for two reasons.   The size and the versatile nature of posters. They can be used outdoors and indoors.

How effective are posters in advertising?

Listed below are the main advantages of poster advertising:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Cost Effective
  • Exposure


The biggest advantage of using posters is that it can be used just about anywhere and can be adapted to any size.  Once you have a clear idea of where your target audience can be reached, you can place your printed posters in their line of vision be it a bill board, public transport, trade exhibitions, events, retail outlets, inside your shop, the versatality of posters is just amazing.

Cost effective.

With modern technological advances and overall imporvement in quality, posters are cheaper than ever before.  Investing in a poster  is an investment that pays for itself by increasing your brand visibility and leading prospective customers into your stores.


Posters can be a highly effective brand building tool.  Printed Posters can remain at a location for a long period of time and will be viewed several times by the target audience increasing the familiarity and building trust.  This will make potential customers more comfortable with the idea of buying from you or visiting your store.

Digital Printing Dubai

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