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Updated on 26th January, 2020-Wide format Digital Printing Dubai.

Custom graphics for Display, Branding and Merchandising

We  offer customized solutions for every project and delivers stunning prints for any campaign big or small.  We can print and deliver graphics on almost any surface using direct to media printing on roll fed material (banners, roll ups, pop ups), wall coverings (both temporary and permanent), POS materials, outdoor media, posters, canvas and other similar applications. Try A3 Sign for On Time, On Budget and On Specs Deliveries of your projects.

Wide format Digital Printing Dubai

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What do you need?

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing

Looking for quality canvas prints.  Look no further.  A3 Sign can print various sizes of your canvas prints without cropping images with the highest quality finish for use in your home, office or shops. Contact us with your specific requirement and leave the rest to us.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

We will print your artwork on 170gsm Satin or Matt paper A0 or A4 sizes or anything in between. Satin finish is ideal if you have a lot of pictures and for photographs.  Matte finish is best for use in well lit areas.

Banner Printing

Banner Printing

A3 Sign offers full color digitally printed banners of just about any size for indoor or outdoor use.  Finishing options include strengthened eyelets, moulded ends or even pole pockets to suit your exact needs. Do talk to our specialist for the right solution for your project.

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays

Ideal for trade shows, events and exhibitions, our pop up banners include full color printed  pop up displays, retractable banners, pop up banners, flags, tear drops and more.

Roll up Printing

Roll up Printing

Roll up banners are one of the most popular pop ups due to their cost effectiveness, ease of use and portability.  These retractable banners are easy to set up and pack away, making them ideal for exhibitions, product launches, presentations, trade shows and events.

Wall Paper Printing

Wall Paper Printing

A3 Sign offers digital color wall paper printing to re-decorate any empty wall at home, office or at a retail environment.  Choose your own images, photos or design and bring your walls to life with your unique wall mural.  Talk to one of our specialists for more information.

The A3 Sign Promise.

We have a reputation of delivering high quality products at competitive prices offering a design to print  and install solution, adhering to time critical deadlines.  We have a great reputation for delivering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.   We can manage the entire project by providing project management consultancy, on site survey and installation in addition to our creative design and ready-to-print artwork.

We are one of Dubai’s  leading providers of wide format digital printing and graphic solutions for Interiors, Exhibitions, Retail and Events.  Our clients include luxury brands, blue chip firms, and leading creative designers and agencies in Dubai and also internationally.


What really is digital printing?

Digital printing is a method of printing where a digital image is reproduced directly on paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, card-stock and other substrates.  Digital printing in the commercial world is usually associated with printing with high-volume laser or inkjet printers typically A4 or A3 size outputs-directly from computer to print and/or with large-format printing of posters, banners, etc.

How does digital printing work?

With Digital Printing, images are assembled and readied for print using a complex set of numbers and formulae prior to print.  These images are captured from pixels and digitised, to be used to deposit ink/toner and exposed directly on media to replicate the image that you desire to print.  Digital printers are either inkjet or toner based.

What is large format printing?

Wide format or large format printing is associated with digital printers that support printing on a rolled media having a width of between 18″ to 100″.  Bigger printers with capacities of over 100″ width are referred to as grand format or super wide format digital printers.  Hence the term large format printing.

How do large format printers work?

With large format printing, the printers are computer controlled and using the right graphics software and a pre-print rasterization process, the digital image is reproduced on the media by printing tiny droplets of ink in the form of dots via ink nozzles of primarily four color (CMYK), onto a roll of media which is fed incrementally into the printing area of the printer, thus printing on the desired length of the roll from the digitized print file fed by the computer.

Can Digital Printing use Pantone colors to print? or Can you print pantone colors digitally?

With digital printing process, the printed colors may be close but not spot on the colors in the Pantone book.  All Digital machines must be calibrated regularly to maintain accurate color.  Colors may vary every so slightly depending on the characteristics of the paper or media used to print on.  Typically,  we have found that the color variance is within an acceptable range.  However, if you are really concerned you can always ask your digital printer to run a color proof.  This ability of running a one off proof is also a great advantage of using digital printing

How is digital printing accomplished on fabric?

During the printing process, the fabric usually in a roll, is fed into the printers and as with other media, the digitized image is reproduced on the fabric surface by printing thousands of tiny droplets of ink.  Heat and or steam is used to cure the ink and finish the process.  In some instances, the ink may need to be cured by washing and drying the fabric.

Can you digitally print on Viscose?

Yes, printing on viscose with a digital printer is very much possible. The use of reactive inks when printing on viscose give the best results as is the case when printing on cotton.

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