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Digital printers Dubai

digital printers dubai

One of the most powerful marketing tools for small businesses are vinyl graphics used for vehicle wraps,  signages, event graphics, posters and banners and more.

Top quality materials-The final results depends a lot  on the quality of the materials like the inks and vinyls that are used for production.  Using quality products and getting communicates the clients commitment to quality and small details in everything they do.  The type of adhesives used for the vinyl depends on a lot of factors like the type of surface the vinyl is applied to or based on permanent or temporary use, or even special requirements like resistance to petroleum products.  All these factors and more like should go into consideration before  the final material is chosen that is tailored to the specific needs of the project and the final result is vinyl graphics of the highest quality that represents your brand and company.

Digital printers Dubai

Top quality equipment-The equipment, the ambient temperature on the work floor, type of machinery used for different types of graphics, for e.g. screen printing process is ideal for basic ‘clean cut’ designs whereas for a high quality photographic image digital printing is more suitable.  The use of high grade equipment and products and using the right printing option based on the type of graphic with the end application in mind, will give you the top-quality results that your brand and company deserves.

Ensure continuity in marketing elements-All marketing elements, from vehicle wraps, to posters, banners should have a visual continuity so that a coordinated marketing effort is possible and all the brand elements are tied together in a synchronised fashion.

Expert installation-All the top graphics produced will go waste if the installation is sub-standard.  Expert and experienced installers will pay special attention to temperatures, environment, with attention to detail and keeping in mind of the need for a co-ordinated look and feel.

NGI Digital specialises in all your branding needs through vehicle graphics, wraps, wall graphics for retail locations and offices, window graphics, floor graphics, event signages and more with expert capabilities and years of experience to meet any challenging project requirements.  Call NGI today.

Digital printers Dubai